Skin Tightening & Skin Rejuvenation 

Refirme™ Skin Tightening & Laser Wrinkle Reduction

Skin Tightening & Skin Rejuvenation

This red carpet treatment is offered exclusively in Derby at Face & Body Medi-cosmetic Centre. Get beautiful, immediate skin tightening and wrinkle reduction with the Refirme™ and Laserscope procedures, featuring unique patented technology. No surgery. No downtime. See immediate results.

The Lasers gently correct irregularities and encourage new collagen growth to smooth out existing lines and wrinkles. Depending on your skin type and condition, between 3 to 8 treatments may be necessary.

Photo Skin Rejuvenation

Achieve clear, youthful skin. Safely & comfortably fade the appearance of rosacea, freckles, spider veins, skin imperfections caused by sun damage, age spots and uneven skin tones created by brown and red spots. Remove pigmentation marks.


Half FaceFull FaceHandsForearmsShouldersDécolletage
Skin Tightening / Wrinkle Reduction£70£90£60
Photo Skin Rejuvenation£65£85£55£60£75£65
Skin Rejuvenation & Skin Tightening (Both treatments combined)£110£140