Skin Tag, Mole & Blemish Removal  

Advanced treatments using shortwave diathermy are available from experienced electrolysis professionals to remove or reduce a variety of skin blemishes, quickly and expertly. Unlike hair removal these treatments generally require only 1-2 appointments and take advantage of the very precise needle control, required by electrolysis. Only those who have undertaken specialist advanced training are able to perform these treatments. The demand for these procedures is very high, as the medical profession is not only too busy but also very reluctant to do anything about benign lesions. They are seen purely as a cosmetic problem, regardless of the psychological effect on the person having the unsightly marks, lumps and bumps on their skin.

An extensive consultation is required to ensure client suitability: A GP consent may be required for the removal/reduction of some lesions.


Mole Reduction Single Lesion£150
Skin Tag Removal Single Lesion£150
Wart Removal Single Lesion£150
Red Blood Spot/Campbell De Morgan Spots Single Lesion£150
Seborrheic Wart/Keratosis/D.P.N Single Lesion£150
Mole Reduction 15 Minute Session (app. 2 large moles)£200
Skin Tag Removal 15 Minute Session (app. 2-8 skin tags)£200
Wart Removal 15 Minute Session (app. 2-3 warts)£200
Red Blood Spot Removal 15 Minute Session (app. 2-15 lesions)£200
Seborrheic Wart/Keratosis/D.P.N 15 Minute Session (app. 2-9 lesions)£200
Milia Removal 15 Minute Session (app. cluster of 10-15 lesions)£200
Mole Reduction 30 Minute Session (app. 4-5 large moles)£250
Skin Tag Removal 30 Minute Session (10+ skin tags app.)£250
Wart Removal 30 Minute Session (app. 4-6 warts)£250
Red Blood Spot Removal 30 Minute Session (app. 20-30 lesions)£250
Seborrheic Wart/Keratosis/D.P.N 30 Minute Session (app. 10-20 lesions)£250
Milia Removal 30 Minute Session (app. cluster of 20-30 lesions)£250